Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest is a really straightforward walk and is good under foot as the majority is on Forestry Commission tracks.  The Bellever Forest has a few designated walks to enjoy, and of course the open expanse of Dartmoor and it’s Tors are there to be enjoyed too. 

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Please keep your dog under control on this walk as there is wildlife and livestock during the route.

Start/finish: Bellever Forest Car Park Near Postbridge

Directions: Follow over Dartmoor on the B3212, then just after passing through Postbridge you take the 1st turning to the left, cross over a cattle grid and then immediately on your right is the gravel parking area on a shady spot, signed Bellever Forest.

Parking: In Bellever Forest Car Park just off the B3212, this is the first parking area and is free, but the main Bellever forest Car Park which is pay and display is 1 mile further along the road.  Alternatively just across the other side of the road from this parking area, in Postbridge s the Tourist Information Car Park.

Nearest Public Conveniences: In Tourist Information Car Park At Postbridge, and also midway on route at ? Car Park

Approximate Total Mileage: 4.6 Miles

Terrain: Mainly Forestry gravel tracks, one stony climb, short stretch on hard public road

Description of suitability of and ability: This is not a difficult walk and would be suitable for wheels if you take the public road route back to the car park from ? Car Park

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest Route:

Standing in the car par park with your back towards the B3212 and the car park entrance on your left, exit the car park through the gate towards the bottom of the car park and proceed along the gravel track through the trees.

You will soon pass a track heading off to the right. You continue straight on ahead up the hill.

Towards the top of the hill the track forks, here you take the left fork, you will be returning via the right fork later.

Follow along this gravel track ahead, you will see other paths or tracks heading off to left or right but just ignore these, you will also pass the occasional marker post.

Eventually your track merges with another track coming sharp down from the right side, so here you you follow the track as it bears to the left.

As you drop down the hill and as the road levels out you will see another track merges in from the left, here you just continue on the main track ahead on the slight right hand bend, there is a red marker post over to your left ahead.

You will eventually drop down a hill, and here the track goes either left or right, but here you cross straight over the track and go through the small wooden pedestrian gate into the green picnic area.  Walk through the picnic area until you come to the track, here you bear left and follow the gravel track, you will pass a toilet block and parking area on the left, and down to the right is the river, a great spot for a picnic on a fine day.

Continue on the gravel track until it meets the hard public road, here there is a sign on the right stating Bellever Forest Pay and Display Forestry Commission.  Turn left on to the hard public road.

Follow along this road for a short distance and you will come to a junction.  (Here if you want to avoid the stony track on the return route you can turn right here, pass over the cattle grid or through the adjacent gate, this hard road goes up a hill, along the level, then down a hill, at the bottom of the hill you will see the car park with your car in on the left side just before the main road).

At this junction continue ahead, you will see the Youth Hostel on your right. Continue on the hard road, and very soon it ends next to some farm buildings on the left, here you continue straight ahead on the grassy track and just on the right here is Public Bridleway sign.

Continue ahead on the grassy stony track, you will come to 2 gates, pass through the left gate and continue up the stony path, you will then come to another gate, pass through.

After passing through the gate, you will then join a track, here you turn right and follow along the path.

You will then meet the gravel track that you came along earlier, here if you wish you can turn right and follow the gravel track back down to your car.  Alternatively for this route, you cross straight over the gravel track on to a sandy path next to a grassy bank.

Continue along this sandy grassy path you will soon meet another gravel road, here you turn right and follow this gravel track, just ignore any tracks or paths to the left or right, however your track will soon merge with a track coming in from the right, this was the track that you set out on earlier, so just continue on the main track ahead and at the bottom of the hill you will come to the car park where you set off from.

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest, Possible Places To Eat In The Area:

Lords Cafe, Princetown, had a cream tea here, was lovely but needed more jam:

The Old Police Station Cafe, Princetown, had Cream tea here a couple of years ago, again needed more jam! :

The Plume of Feathers Pub,Princetown, had a really good meal here a couple of years ago:

Warren House Inn in the heart of Dartmoor, where the fire never goes out, I havent eaten here yet, but definitely plan to:

Tavistock Inn Poundsgate, always busy when I drive by, but not eaten here:

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest, Other Attractions In The Area:

Dartmoor Prison Museum:

Discover Dartmoor:


Dartmoor Attractions:

Dog Walks Dartmoor From Bellever Forest, dditional Photo’s:

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