Petgear Boot and Bumper Cover – Your Cars Protection Mud, Wet, & Hairs!

Petgear Boot and Bumper Cover

Well just incase you hadn’t noticed winter’s here!  But no matter what thPetgear Boot & Bumper Covere weather we still take Sarchie out for his daily exercise.

This may be walks directly from our home, or put him in the car and head to the beach, or moors, we go so many different places.

But even though he has very short and fine hair he still gets wet and muddy.



Why Cover Up:

This is where the Petgear cover is so useful.  If he is not travelling in his dog crate in the car then he is secure in the boot which is protected by the boot cover.

Of course we towel dry him at the end of his walk, but inevitably there will still be wet paws.  This cover helps keep everything cleaner and protected.


Easy To Fit & Keep Clean:

It is easy to remove and clean, and so is such a simple solution to prevent a dirty boot and bumper, helping to protect against scratches and dog hairs too.

The Petgear Boot and Bumper Cover fits most car boots and is easy to fit and remove.

It is hard-wearing and fully washable, making it convenient and easy to use and maintain.


For more info on the Petgear Boot & Bumper Cover - click this link.


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