Sunday 28th December

Today we went back to Ingram valley.  It was a bit busier today, with cars passing through quite often.  Sarchie was on the lead and got quite close to some sheep. Once a car went past at the same time as we were by them and the sheep ran across the road to join their flock.  Sarchie, although curious about these strange, wooly, shy creatures, had no intentions of following it.

After our busy walk, me and Sarchie walked up the drive, with Sarchie off the lead.  He picked up some sticks, but dropped them on command if he was rewarded with a tasty treat.  He enjoyed walking up the drive, but I didn’t go too fast, because he had already had a fair walk up at Ingram.

His socialization is coming on well.  He is an angel off the lead and is good on it as well.  His training is improving day by day.  He is growing very fast, but he still eats like a horse.  One second all his food is there, the next, it has dissappeared.

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