Why This Website Is Unique

This Website Is Unique Because…..Quite Simply We Are Speaking From Experience

There are so many websites on the internet now where people have no idea what they are talking about, but they are literally re-regurgitating information they have found elsewhere about a product.

I don’t know about you but I get fed up when you look for something on the internet, and there are literally hundreds of websites advertising the same thing .

They all sound the same, but literally with the words swapped around a bit!   How do you choose?  Well, I am lucky now because I can see the tell-tale signs to help me spot the fakes!

I would much rather find out about something from someone who ‘really’ knows, be it anything from a health related query to dog food!  I do not want information on a product from someone who has just created a website in the hope of making money.

This Website Has 3 Categories To It:

  • Best Outdoor Gear & Equipment
  • Best Dog Products
  • Sarchie’s Recommended Dog Walks

Best Outdoor Gear & Equipment:

We can speak from experience  on this because we have literally have that…..experience of the great outdoors, and the things you need to help you enjoy, survive and feel comfortable in the great outdoors.  To find out more about our experience click here on the ‘About Us’ link.

Best Dog Products:

We have had a lifetime of pet ownership……cats, fish, horses, and dogs.  This section is dedicated to dog products we have tried and tested, and ones that Sarchie would like to try, and perhaps the occasional one he would rather not try too!

Sarchie’s Dog walks:

This section has been created as a free guide to other walkers or dog owners.  We love to walk and wherever we go for short breaks or holidays, and Sarchie is one of the main reasons we get out there and enjoy everything the UK has to offer……which is a LOT.

Again we are speaking from experience of routes that we have actually been on ourselves.

We used to buy one of those lovely books that tell you nice circular walks in that particular area, some of which were excellent, but some were not so good.  The not so good ones left us retracing our steps, or wondering why certain landmarks were not mentioned as a route guide, or just giving up as it was so unclear.

We wanted to walk and enjoy our route and not waste time trying to figure out unclear directions, or guess the right way, and so this was our inspiration for this website.

We want others to have the opportunity to enjoy the walks we have taken, perhaps meet the interesting people we have met along the way, and enjoy the local eateries, watering holes, and attractions we have found on our routes or local area; we want to give detailed routes, with good descriptions, supported by photographs.

The walks we take are varied in location, distance, terrain and difficulty, so there should be ones to suit everyones interest and ability.





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