Sarchie’s No.1

Well the final of the Kennel Club, Puppy Training class was held today at the village hall nr Woodbury.

It was a packed hall, as all the puppies were there and the judges were all eyes and ears, as it was the final test time.

The tests were as follows:

  1. Responsibility and care
  2. Cleaniness and identification
  3. Attentive response to name
  4. Play with the puppy
  5. Socialisation with an unknown dog
  6. Socialisation with an adult unkown to the puppy
  7. Socialisation with noise distraction
  8. Handling and inspection to maintain health
  9. Puppy recall
  10. Basic puppy positions: Sit / Down / Stand
  11. Walking in a controlled manner
  12. Stay for approximately 10 seconds
  13. Take articles away from the puppy
  14. Food manners

Sarchie behaved absolutely brilliant and Georgie managed him like a true professional!

They were constantly being praised for the way they performed and used as an example to the rest of the puppies to follow :-)

At the end of the training, Sarchie passed with flying colours and was awarded a certificate and rosette.

In addition to this, as this was the last day of the Puppy Foundation Course, further awards were to be granted for the outstanding puppy who has achieved and progressed the most.

In 2nd place was a labrador

……. then came 1st place

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sarchie and Georgie won. :-)

The judges stated that Georgie and Sarchie were outstanding and this was no doubt going to be the first awards of many to come, as Sarchie is not only a fine puppy, but they are working so well together!

Absolutely brilliant :-)

Here is a photo of Georgie and Sarchie with their well earned awards:


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