Dog Walks:Northumberland,Bamburgh to Seahouses,Beach Beauty.

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, Beach Beauty.

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, Beach Beauty. This has to be my favourite place in the UK, the beach just goes on for miles, it is a stunning coastline, with the wonderful Farne Islands offshore, and the amazing Bamburgh Castle on the beach, simply fantastic untouched beauty.  This was a lovely walk, the tide was out, good weather and Sarchie just loved the wide open space and freedom to run, fantastic day for all of us.

Start/finish:  The Car Park on The Wynding road in Bamburgh.

Directions/Parking:  As you enter Bamburgh from the Warenford, Budle Bay direction on the B1342, the turning to the car park is off to the left down The Wynding, this is the turning on the left before you get to the Green on the left and the Castle.  Turn into The Wynding, follow along for a short distance and just as the road bears around a left hand bend the car park is found on the right.

Nearest Public Conveniences: There are Public Conveniences both in Bamburgh and Seahouses

Approximate Total Mileage: 7 Miles round trip

Terrain: Majority of the walk is on the sandy beach, adviseable to walk when tide is retreating as can then walk on harder sand.  There is one area of rocks to cross, and although these can be slippy they are relatively flat.  There are also pavements, and some steps too.

Description of suitability of and ability:  This is an easy walk when the tide is retreating due to the sand being harder, but there are a few steps at the Seahouses end, and some rocks part way along the beach to negotiate which would not be suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

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Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, Beach Beauty, Route:

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, this is such a straightforward walk and therefore not many directions needed!

So, walk down on to the beach from the car park and once onto the beach turn right, immediately on your right along this stretch is the very stunning Bamburgh Castle.  In my humble opinion, I think this is the best Castle in the country that I have seen.

You continue along the beach, over to your left you will see the Farne Islands, and you may even see seals just off shore here too.

You will come to a rocky area, we crossed this without any difficulty when the tide was out, they are fairly level particularly up near the dunes,  can be a bit slippy in places, and a few rock pools to avoid, but no problems for us.  Once over the rocky area continue along the beach and on towards Seahouses.

As you approach the outskirts of Seahouses, the dunes on your right end and a bank and cliff takes its place, here on the right just at the end of the dunes you take the path up the dunes to some steps, go up the steps and you will emerge on to a small green area.  Cross the green to the edge of the road, turn left and follow along the pavement into Seahouses.

On entering Seahouses there are all sorts of lovely places to eat, gift shops to explore, and other places of interest to occupy your time.

You then return by the same route. 

I have never walked this stretch when the tide has been in so cannot vouch for how it is then, but it is the most stunning stretch so well worth it on a dry day with the tide out, Sarchie absolutely loved it, a fantastic run in such amazing untouched beauty.

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, Beach Beauty, Places to Eat in the Area: Been going here for years and never been disappointed. Had a great lunch here a few weeks ago, just make sure the Causeway Tide Times are right for you before going though!

There are also a number of Fish and Chip Shops in Seahouses; Lewis’s, Pinnacles, Neptune to name a few, and there are a number of other Pubs and restaurants too so you are bound to find a refreshment place somewhere when you arrive!

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses Beach Beauty Places to Eat in the Area but Untried By Us:

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses, Beach Beauty Attractions in the Area: This is my favourite castle of all time! Billy Shiel and family have been taking me and my family on trips to the Farne Islands for Years, always a great day out.

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses Beach Beauty, Additional Photo’s:

Dog Walks: Northumberland, Bamburgh to Seahouses.

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