Find Out How A Dog Crate Can Be A Life Saver

Dog Crate - you can read about it hereDog Crates are a great piece of equipment if you use them properly from the beginning.

It can provide your pooch with a safe and familiar place to reside, either in the car, at home or when visiting elsewhere.

If your dog has been taught properly how to enjoy and feel safe in his crate it will pay dividends in the long term.

Using a good quality, purpose-built dog crate, you can create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place for your dog to want to stay.



Dog Crate Training – Give It Some Thought:

You cannot just buy a crate, lock your dog or puppy in it for periods of time and expect him to behave, he will not, and actually chances are it will have the opposite effect.

Sarchie was crate trained initially by his breeder with his mum and the rest of the litter.  He learned to come and go as he wanted, and found it to be a cosy place to sleep.

Once he was old enough to be separated from his mum, and for us to bring him home, we had a new crate ready and waiting for him.  But his breeder gave us a piece of his original bedding to put in his new crate so he had a familiar smell.

He had the crate door left open so he could come and go, and gradually for increased periods of time we closed the door.

He would often have a treat to find in his bed or a toy to play with when the door was closed so it was never a bad or negative experience.  It is these positive building blocks that can create a happy and content crate trained dog.

Sarchie quickly outgrew his small crate, and so we had to buy a bigger one!  But the big one would have been too big for him as a puppy, he would have found the large area scary and not cosy.

Sarchie no longer uses his crate in the house, he has the run of the downstairs of the house.  At times we do need to restrict his movements, and we do this by simply using a Dog Gate, click on the link for more info.

An Unrestrained Dog Can Be Dangerous:

Sarchie still has his dog crate in the car.  He loves it!  He has his comfy bed, his hook-on water bowl, and more space than most other passengers in the car!  But most of all he is safe.

What many people will forget is that if your dog is not restrained in a vehicle, and lets face it accidents do happen, so if that vehicle crashes at 60mph, then your dog will fly through the car hitting anything infront of him at 60mph!

This will most likely seriously injure or kill the dog and will do the same for any passengers the dog hits as he is flying forward through the vehicle at 60mph…..enough said!

Easipet Dog Crate Features:

  • 36″ Heavy duty dog cage
  • 2 doors
  • Metal removable tray
  • Portable/foldable
  • Highest quality materials with a non-toxic coating
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Recommended by vets and breeders (and more importantly by Sarchie!).

Where To Get Hold of Easipet Dog Crates:

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