Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Discover Why It Is Sarchie’s Choice

A Rolled Leather Dog Collar is our choice for Sarchie for a number of reasons.

Firstly we much prefer him to have his rolled leather dog collar on at all times just incase he should ever get detached from us and at least then his name, address and microchip details are clearly displayed on his dog collar.

Also a dog collar gives you that bit of extra security just incase you need to grab hold of him quickly.

We prefer a rolled dog collar rather than a flat collar because it has no hard edges, because it is rolled the bit that touches his neck is more comfortable.

And, he suits a rolled leather dog collar better too!

Of course as with any product your pet wears you must make sure a collar fits correctly.  It must not be too tight to restrict breathing or be uncomfortable, and it must not be so loose that it drops off.

If you have a puppy, remember to get them used to a collar and train them correctly, they do not come with an in-built understanding of collars or how to walk correctly on a lead.  This all takes time, patience, and understanding.

And don’t forget as your puppy grows he will most likely need new collars as he will no doubt grow out of the original one.  You may also find, especially with bigger dog breeds that the weight and size of collar will need to increase according to your dogs size as he grows up from a puppy.

Collars are sized in inches, and generally increase in 2 inch multiples, they tend to have a few holes in them too, so you do have a bit of flexiblity with each collar size.  However we try to avoid having a collar on the first or last hole, we try as best as possible to have a collar fitted so that it is on the middle holes.

Also don’t forget to check your leather collar from time to time because if you keep them on the same hole all the time then they can become worn and eventually crack, this is then a weakness and you should think about replacing it.  It is better to replace it before it snaps!

The Ancol Dog Collar is designed as rolled leather dog collars, and it is available in a variety of colours, why not click on the links below to take a look:

Blue Collar Here.

Tan Collar Here.

Sable Collar Here.


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