Just How To Protect Vulnerable Paws In Winter

Dog BootsDogs who aren’t used to the cold winter temperatures, ice and snow, can very easily get sore paws.  As with our own skin, theirs can get red, chapped, and split too.

Then if you add to that the salt and grit from the pavements….. OUCH…..that getting into the sore red areas on their pads, well that really does hurt.

But there is something that can be done to protect them from the winter chapping, cuts, salt and grit.  These are dog boots or dog shoes for winter.

They will help create that extra layer of protection.

Which Dog Boots or Dog Shoes To Choose:

Dog ShoesAs with all dog clothes, there are a range of sizes and styles to choose from. Some are more robust than others, and some are designed to be more of a fashion accessory than an actual protective dog boot.

Dog Shoes can be made from stretchy rubber or nylon or neoprene, some have velcro or elasticated straps, while others  are disposable and some are machine washable.

Some dog boots are very thin almost like a second skin, these can be better suited to dogs who run fast or would be nervous about the bigger style of boots.

Other dog boots can be more chunky and heavier and can have non slip soles, these may be better suited to slower moving dogs, or those who aren’t worried about wearing the dog shoes.

Know Your Pet:

Disposable OnesAll dogs are different, and as with most things some dogs will be very accepting of them, while others may need a bit of persuasion and encouragement!

You will know your pet best as to which you will choose.

Sarchie’s advice is to keep an eye on those vulnerable paws for them getting sore now that winter is here and the frosts and snow have arrived, and protect as required.



Where To Find:

Click Here to see a range of dog shoes and dog boots, plus alternative paw protections.


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