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Danish Design Dogs Coats are very popular and come in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

Sarchie the ruffy, tuffy gundog hates the cold, wet and wind!  But he loves it when he has his coat on, then he really doesn’t care!

In Sarchie’s defence, he has got a very fine coat, and so not much protection.

Generally if he is just free running on a normal walk he doesn’t wear one.

But if he is on the lead going at my much slower pace, and we are out in awful weather conditions in the mountains or on the moors, then he does need one.

So, when you consider some of the places he goes in the depths of winter, such as the top of the mountains in the Scottish Highlands and Wales, well he does need a bit of protection.

The last time he was on Ben Nevis summit it was 2 metres deep in snow, and the temperature due to the wind-chill was:  ’minus-a-lot of degrees’!


Give Your Dog Coat Choice A Bit Of Thought:

Sarchie Cosy In His Coat!

Sarchie Cosy In Hos Coat!

Sarchie does actually have two outdoor coats.  One is a lightweight waterproof one, and the other is also water-proof but is much thicker too, more like a mini-duvet.

We are conscious that he can run around a lot, so we judge his coat choice according to a number of factors.

These include the weather forecast, and how hot he is likely to get, because we want him to be protected but not to overheat!

In some respects we are very lucky with Sarchie having such a fine coat, because although he feels the cold very easily, on the upside he does dry off very quickly indeed.

Other breeds may benefit from a water proof coat just to simply keep their thick coats dry, rather than needing one for warmth.


What Type of Coat For Your Dog:

What is important when buying a dog coat is firstly to decide if your dog definitely needs one.

Then decide on the type of coat, because if your dog runs a lot as Sarchie does, you perhaps would benefit from one that was light-weight but also wind and water-proof.

On the other hand you may have a very elderly dog who you like to keep warm and he isn’t very agile any-more so in this instance a thicker, water-proof jacket may be preferred.


The Beauty of Danish Design Dog Coats:

This Danish Design Dog Coat is the first convertible for dogs, because it has a removable Polar Fleece liner.

This has year-round benefits because you can attach the Polar Fleece liner to the coat using the easifit Velcro strips in the colder months

Then when the warmer times are here, simply remove the fleece and the coat converts to a light raincoat.

This 2-in-1 dog coat also features full chest protection, light reflective beading and light reflective fastening strap for extra safety at night.

Rear leg straps are also built in to help prevent side slippage.

The outer jacket is constructed from a water-proof, wind-proof and breathable material to protect your dog from our very ranging weathers!


Measuring Your Dog:

Once the style is decided you need to measure your dogs size.  As a guide, this is done from the base of the neck infront of the shoulder blades where the collar sits to along the back to the top of the tail.

Coat sizes are generally available in 2inch multiples, such as 18ins, 20ins etc.

With the straps on Sarchie’s coat, we make sure he has enough room to run unrestricted, but they are not so loose that he can get a foot or leg through the strap.

Sometimes you may also be required to measure the belly and shoulder, but I have only ever used the above measuring system for Sarchie’s dog coats.


Danish Design Dog Coats Feature:

  • Four seasons performance dog coat
  • Breathable outer coat
  • Full chest protection
  • Removable polar fleece lining
  • Light reflective band

Where To Find Danish Design Dog Coats:

I looked around a lot of places when choosing Sarchie’s coats, so if you are looking to get hold of Danish Design Dog Coats, then the best price that I have found for them are at the following location:

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