Raised Dog Bowls – Sarchie’s a High Class Diner!

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Sarchie has his food and water in raised dog bowls.

He has them in a proper stand just like this one shown here.

We were advised to feed Sarchie out of raised bowls from a young age to help prevent gastric bloat.

He is one of the deep chested breeds, and so we were advised that he could be more susceptible to this often fatal condition.

There are conflicting opinions as to whether the raised dog bowls are a prevention or not to this condition, but we were advised that they are, and so he has used them pretty much all his life.


Raised Dog Bowls & Other Preventions We Use:

However, we do take other precautions to help prevent problems associated with his digestion.

Firstly we never let him run around an hour before or after dinner to ensure that ‘everything’ is completely settled prior to having his food, and subsequently that digestion can take place in a calm way too.

We have trained him to have good food manners too.  If he were allowed to eat without supervision he would bolt his food down in a couple of large gulps.

But we allow him one mouthful, then tell him to ‘wait’.  We then wait a very short amount of time then say ‘go’, let him have another mouthful then say ‘wait’, ‘go’, ‘wait’, ‘go’, until his meal has finished.

We feed him James Wellbeloved complete dry dog food which he loves.  But we  feed him twice a day, 12 hours apart, so at 7am and then 7pm, rather than just having one large meal once a day.

We also do not let him drink large volumes of water an hour before or an hour after his food either, and he gets regular changes of fresh water during the day too.

Thankfully all of these precautions we take seem to have worked for us so far, but it is down to the individual how they choose to care for their dog and any precautions they choose to take.

He Doesn’t Always Drink From His Elevated Dog Bowls!:

However, Sarchie does drink from ground level.  He is a really thirsty runner when we go out for a walk.

When we first set off and he will dive regularly into the river to drink, and then run around.  I know there are risks to this but it doesn’t seem to bother him, his stomach always sounds very settled.

But he always eats out his James Wellbeloved dog food from his elevated dog bowls.  I personally prefer them, but as I say we do monitor him a lot around feeding time.

Features of these Raised Dog Bowls:

  • Adjustable twin bowl holder to fit your dogs needs
  • Supplied with 2 x stainless steel 9.75″/3 quart (6 pint) bowls
  • Footprint 40 x 27 cm
  • Max height 40cm
  • Aids digestion

Where To Find Raised Dog Bowls:

If you are looking to get hold of Raised Dog Bowls then the best price that I have found for them are at the following location:

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