Sarchie’s Verdict on Life Behind Bars – Well Just a Dog Gate Actually!

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I have found our dog gate to be incredibly useful.

To look at it, well it is very similar to a standard baby gate, only it is quite a bit taller.

However, it has the same sort of fixings and methods of opening and closing, so they are quite easy to use.

Obviously if you have a small pooch, or one that doesn’t jump very high, then you may be quite happy with a standard baby gate.

But that was no good for Sarchie, he would step straight over a standard baby gate, so our pet gate is ideal.


A Room With A View:

I have nothing but good things to say about it.

The room that Sarchie sleeps in at night has his gate in the door-way.

So he is enclosed and safe, which also means he can’t go off investigating around the rest of the house during the night….he is very nosey!

But he is quite happy, it is obviously not a big solid door, so he can still see what’s going on, he isn’t bothered in the slightest.

Sarchie has never managed to hurdle over the top of the pet gate, but he can flip the handle open with his nose at lightening speed if it hasn’t been latched properly.  He knows if it is only 1 mm or a hairs width from being latched, he doesn’t miss a thing!

Behind Bars & Out Of Trouble!

It is useful when we have unexpected visitors such as the meter-reader too, because that is just the sort of person Sarchie likes to help, he would be right in the middle of it all….he’s just very nosey and very friendly!

Dog gates are also useful if you are decorating to keep him away from wet paint and suchlike also!

So it is useful just to keep him out of the way if ever the need arises, but most of the time it is open.

However, as with a dog crate, you still need to train them properly regarding the use of a pet gate.

You will find that a dog will most likely object, try and jump over, or get very stressed if you just shut him behind a dog gate.  Take a bit of time to get him used to it, and teach him that the gate isn’t there for punishment

Gate Care:

It is really easy to keep clean, I just wipe ours with a damp cloth.

You can buy extensions for dog gates separately, I did, and they are very easy to fit too, but I have rarely used the extensions, just depends on what width your door-ways are.

Dog Gate Features:

  • Extra strong door that is ideal for restricting access to any room in your home
  • Adjustable to fit openings between 75 and 84 cm
  • Drilling in wall not required
  • Dimensions: 107 cm x 74 cm x 4,80 cm
  • Material – Metal & Plastic

Where To Find Dog Gates:

If you are looking to get hold of a Dog Gate then the best price that I have found for these are at the following location:

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