Sarchie Has Now Achieved The Three Peaks!! New Update!!!!!

In addition to the post information below, a new update is that Sarchie has now completed the Three Peaks TWICE!!

He has already climbed Snowdon numerous times.  He then made his 2nd ascent of Scafell Pike in February 2012, you can read about it here.      And then on Sunday April 1st 2012, Sarchie made his 2nd ascent of Ben Nevis, he had his big coat on by the time we reached the summit, it was cold and there was 5ft of snow up there, but he did just great, you can  read about it here.


On Friday 28th October Sarchie made it to the summit of Ben Nevis! Highest Mountain in the UK and Scotland.

He has already climbed Scafell Pike (highest mountain in England), and Snowdon (highest in Wales), so now he has bagged the third and final one necessary for the Three Peaks.

Sadly Georgie had an accident earlier in the week and so was unable to do Ben Nevis….she will be back to do it again soon though.  So Sarchie and Angie decided to do a solo climb of ‘The Ben’

We had checked the forecast all week, a great website for this is: On here you can get 3 day forecasts for the areas, they are updated daily at 4.30 pm.  We checked out the forecast, and the Friday morning was going to be okay, but the afternoon deteriorating greatly, so we knew we had to be up and away early.

We left our cottage at 6am, and were at Glen Nevis by 7.30, but due to daylight hours were not able to set off until 8am. Conditions at the car park were very mild, bit of a breeze, but dry, and good visibility, but you could see a lot of clouds hanging on the summits.

Sarchie and I set off.  it was a steady climb, and after a shirt while it started to rain, so waterproofs on.  While we were sorting out clothing, a large party of approximately 20 people caught up with Sarchie and I.  They asked why we were on our own, and I explained, they also saw that I was fundraising for Help 4 Heroes, and very kindly offered Sarchie and I to join their group.

This group was climbing Ben Nevis to celebrate Nick’s 50th birthday, she wanted to do something different to celebrate such a momentous birthday, and hence their climb!  They were a lovely group, and I really enjoyed their company, and really appreciated their kind donations to Help 4 Heroes.

Ben-Nevis-Ascent-ViewIt was a looooonnnnngggg way up to the summit, and we got there at about midday.  But about three-quarters of the way up the weather definitely changed, and you soon realised what a hostile place this really could be.  I don’t especially feel the cold, but you definitely had to add layers, the decreasing temperatures were palpable.  Sarchie had his thick coat on too.

Our climb took us into thick cloud, and very strong winds.  Then we saw the first patch of ice and snow.  This got worse, and someone coming down said ‘be careful it is very icy on top’.

Ben Nevis Summit

Eventually we made it, but it was not a day to hang around.  We had all read the same forecast for the afternoon….increasing gales to 70mph, buffeting, and due to the route and shear height you just did not want to be up there in such conditions.

But it felt like a great sense on achievement, we had our pictures taken and left within 20 minutes.  The top was earily picturesque in the thick cloud with the ruins of buildings, the emergency shelter, and summit stone.



North Face

But the most eary thing of all was how close you actually get to the dangerous North Face whilst following the path, and in those conditions it just looked even worse.



North Face

Although the path was obvious to us, I can definitely appreciate how people can become disorientated and get into trouble up there, especially if it were to snow and cover the path… advice – take a map and compass and know how to use them!








View Going Down

On the descent you could feel it getting warmer, so we altered layers as necessary.  We reached the car park at around 3.30.

Sarchie loved all the attention, and we really enjoyed our climb, but there is no doubt in my mind that the views from the top on a clear day would be spectacular, so we will be back to enjoy them.


One final point to make, I was stunned to see people still climbing up Ben Nevis as we were descending later on in the afternoon, when considering the deteriorating conditions and shorter daylight hours.  Granted most people were well equipped, but we passed one group in particular with fashion handbags, fashion boots, jeans, trainers, no rucksacks…..and considering the forecast for later that day…….unbelievable!  I did tell some of them how bad it was up there, as forewarned is forearmed, and some were surprised to hear how different it was up there.  For sure, I am all for people enjoying the great outdoors, there is so much of it to get out there and enjoy, but please… properly equipped!  People can and do die on these mountains.

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