Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul, although this was a long walk it was most definitely worth it.  The scenery across to Skye was lovely.  We watched seals in Loch Alsh, and enjoyed all the beautiful autumn colours along our route.  The climb from Ardintoul was long but a regular stop to enjoy the scenery and views made it most definitely well worth all the effort…..simply beautiful.

Start/finish: From the small free parking area next to the Glenelg to Skye Ferry Crossing.

Directions/Parking: Take the road to Glenelg, and before entering Glenelg village the road forks, here you take the right fork signing you down to the Skye Ferry, continue along this road almost to its end where you will see a small square car park area on the right side of the road overlooking the ferry below.

Nearest Public Conveniences: There are toilets in the Community Hall beyond Glenelg in the small village of Corran, the toilets are found on the right side of the road as you approach Corran.  There may be toilets in Glenelg at the village hall if open.

ApproximateTotal Mileage: 9 Miles

Terrain:  Gravel Tracks, earth path, public road, streams to cross but stepping stones present, a very long steep incline from Ardintoul, short steep pathin the wooded area next to Kyle Rhea also.

Description of suitability of and ability:  Due to the nature of the terrain this walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.   The more challenging parts are the long steep incline up from Ardintoul, but prior to this there is a short but steep earth path in the wooded area next to Kyle Rhea to climb from one of the stream crossings which was fine when dry but may be slightly more difficult when very wet conditions are present, the distance of just under 9 Miles is also to be considered.

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Please keep your dog under control on this walk as there livestock grazing and all sorts of wildlife.

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul Route:

Standing in the Car Park with your back to the water (Kyle Rhea) go through the metal gate located at the top right corner. 

Follow along this path and you will soon come to another gate.  Pass through this gate and continue on the track.

You will then come to another gate, pass through it and continue on the track. 

Your path will then rise and you will come to a very tall gate (deer fencing) into a more wooded area, pass through this gate and continue on the path.

Soon you will see a path down to the left, and on the ground here there has been an arrow made from stones, here you turn left, follow this path and you will pass under an enormous electricity pylon, you will then pass a marker on the right stating Forest Enterprise Walkers Welcome Here.

Follow this path as it runs through the shady area parallel to the Kyle Rhea, and across the water you can see the coast of Skye.  You will have to cross a few streams along this stretch but they are either step-over ones or have stepping stones.  There is one short steep path in particular up from one these streams which need to be climbed as described above. 

Follow along this path and eventually it will bear right down a slope, here you follow the path down and you will emerge on to the stony beach at Camas nan Gall Bay, here you can either walk along the path or down on the Lochside.  You are now going to follow along this bay to the point you can see ahead.

Towards the end of the bay you will see the path turns into a grassy one running along next to a stone wall on your right. 

Follow along this path for not too far until you see an obvious opening in the wall to your right. 

Turn right here and walk down the edge of the field following the grassy track to the gate ahead.  Pass through the gate and continue follow on the track for a short distance where it will soon will meet another track on a bend, and over to the right you will see old buildings, here where your track meets the other you turn left and follow the track along the level. 

Soon you will come to Ardintoul, here you follow the track which takes you to the right of the properties and towards the water, you then follow the track around to the right walking parallel to the water before swinging right handed in land and past some ruins on your left. 

Follow along this track, you will pass over a cattle grid then follow the track on the long incline, and although this is a long pull the views are stunning.  Contiune on this track for quite some time, and it will eventually start to drop down the other side, the track will take you through slightly denser forestry here but it is still a solid vehicle track and you can still see views across the bay through the trees. 

Eventually you will come to a cattle grid, so either pass over or go through the adjacent gate, you will now be following a track through a field, it sweeps right handed then takes you through a smallholding, you will pass by cottages/crofts on your right and then cross another cattle grid, then ahead to the gate and meet the public road.

When you meet the public road you turn right and follow alongside and you will after approx 1 mile you will see your car on the right hand side.

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul Places To Eat In The Area: This is the best place in the Highlands we have eaten, the food is fantastic, lovely hospitality, beautiful location and great open fire!  The food we have had here has all been fantastic – everything from Venison, Woodpigeon, Superb Local Fresh Fish, Steak, Soup, Haggis Stuffed Chicken……all superb!  Just check opening times as going to be closed briefly for refurb on SOME days in Nov and Dec 2010, and Jan and Feb 2011. We have eaten here a couple of times, a lunch and a dinner and it was nice food.

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul, Other Places to Eat in Area But Untried By Us:

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul Places of Attractions in the Area: - a little further away but needs a mention for skiers!

 Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul Additional Photo’s:

Dog Walks: Scottish Highlands, Glenelg to Ardintoul.

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